Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am pleased to announce that I am running for the Three Rivers Park District Board.  As you may be aware it was my honor to represent the people of the 7th district of Hennepin County as their County Commissioner for 14 years. As commissoner I had the great privilege of being a strong advocate for the people I represented and I would bring the same dedication to the Park Board.

My last term as commissioner ended in 2008 at which time I did not run for reelection.   I did not run because of my previous promise to only run for four terms.    Although I was encouraged by many of my constituents to stay and run for re-election, I did not run because I believe strongly that elected officials should do their very best to keep the promises they make.

I believe that all levels of government are important.  At Hennepin County I was a strong voice for the taxpayers and  with your help will bring that same strong voice for the taxpayers to the Three Rivers Park Board.  I sincerely would appreciate your support and your vote.

                                                                          Penny Steele

Taxpayer Dollars

These are difficult times and they require us to be even more careful and more diligent about spending people's hard earned money.  Even in a beloved system like Three Rivers Parks, we must make sure that every dollar collected from the taxpayers is used frugally, carefully and wisely.
As a Hennepin County Commissioner, I saw it as my job to challenge assumptions, ask questions and make sure projects and policies were scrutinized as much as possible.   Several times it ended in projects being changed and savings being realized.  One particular project change ended up saving millions of taxpayer dollars.   

Transparency and Accessiblity

Government should be transparent and accessible.  With all the forms of communication available today we can continually improve the citizen's access to their government.  Open forums and citizen input should be scheduled to provide the greatest access to as many people as possible. Public documents should be easily accessible, with clear explanations, not jargon and "insider speak". 

Government should work to be more user friendly.  Focus should always be on the public that uses the system, not on the system itself.  The government should serve the people, not the other way around.